'Learning we can see'

John Hattie and his colleagues at Auckland University, systematically assesed and synthesised over 800 previous research studies (Meta-analysis) to determine what influences and improves student learning and achievement. They found that the key to making a difference was making teaching and learning visible. Since 1999, John Hattie has continued to collect and aggregate meta-analyses to the Visible Learning database. His latest dataset synthesizes 1,500 meta-analyses of 90,000 studies involving more than 300 million students. This is the world’s largest evidence base into what works best in schools to improve learning.

Some of the 1999 key findings were discussed in the widely read 2007 article, The Power of Feedback by John Hattie and Helen Timperley (see below), leading to the development of Cycle of Teacher Inquiry and Knowledge Building (Victorian Institute of Teaching) and AITSL's background paper to inform the development of a national professional development framework for teachers and school leaders. The quote below is from this background paper and refers to professional learning for teachers (andragogy) however, the fundamental theory of learning applies to teaching children (pedagogy).

The National Research Council’s third finding concerned the importance of developing metacognition and self-regulated learning because in this way the participating professionals take control of their own learning and develop a strong sense of agency. Individual and collective motivation to engage is enhanced. Such processes are fundamental to the development of adaptive expertise, with professional learning becoming driven from a desire to learn and improve outcomes for students rather than passively listening to someone else’s desire to tell them what to do. (Timperley, 2011, p.8)

The work of Professors Hattie and Timperley has influenced the work of educators globally, including the research and development of ThinkPlus.

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