Understanding the learning process

The Science of Learning Research Centre at the University of Melbourne have developed a series of resources (PEN Principles) for teachers, students and parents. The Principles are based on the Centre's research from the three nodes of Psychology, Education and Neuroscience.

Please explore our collection of resources and research into the Science of Learning.



Neuroeducation Will Lead to Big Breakthroughs in Learning Applying neuroscience to education to gain a more objective understanding of learning that is based on evidence.
What Neuroscience Can Tell Us About Making Fractions Stick Learning maths is cognitively taxing becuase students must recruit many parts of the brain to solve any problem. This article looks at the importance of understanding how careful brain-based instruction can prime the brain for new learning.
Combining Effective Learning Strategies An article exploring how you can effectively combine evidence-based learning strategies to improve student learning and engagement.
Retrieval Practice: The Most Powerful Learning Strategy You're Not Using Short article comparing retrieval practice with other methods of studying, whereby cognitive psychologists are finding that nothing cements long-term learning as powerfully as retrieval practice.
Learning Strategies: A synthesis and conceptual model A review article that explores a model of learning that proposes that various learning strategies are powerful at certain stages in the learning cycle.
The Real Learning Curve Short article on the benefit of the science of learning
How does the brain learn best? Smart studying strategies based on neuroscientific research
Studying with quizzes helps make sure the material sticks Using retrieval practice to enhance memory
Metacognition- The gift that keeps on giving How to teach students to be more metacognitive.
Busting the multitasking myth The science behind multitasking



Forget multitasking - try monotasking Looking at the pitfalls of multitasking and the benefits of monotasking (3 mins)



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What is the science of learning? Discusses how a professional training company used it to develop its product and create engaging, effective instruction


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