NEVER AGAIN let your students tell you "I'm just not a maths person"

The idea that some people are born “good at maths” and some are not, is just not true and yet many still believe this. The latest research tells us that because of the plasticity of the brain, students can reach any level in maths. Communicating this growth mindset message, “everyone can learn maths,” helps students understand that maths success is not about talent and ability but hard work, good strategies and help from others.    

Please explore our collection of resources and research into the benefits of a growth mindset in Maths Education



The 'boys are better at math' mindset creates gender gap in sciences Messages parents give girls about maths and science is hindering their progress in STEM subjects.
How one school changed its maths culture By starting with the mindsets of teachers, and recognizing that each person has her own mathematical history, one school was able to empower teachers to deepen their math skills
Strengthening Persistence in Math and Beyond A set of practices and tools designed to build students’ persistence tackling challenging math tasks. These can extend beyond the math classroom and applied across content areas (41 page PDF)
Unlocking Children's maths potential Five research results to transform maths learning (Jo Boaler, Stanford University)
Ability and mathematics- the mindset revolution that is reshaping education  Jo Boaler discusses the impact of growth mindset on maths
Building a mathematical mindset community Easy reference card to promote a growth mindset in the maths classroom
Setting up positive norms in math class/ Positive norms to encourage in math class Easy reference PDF’s by Jo Boaler




My Favourite 'No' Great to teach students to use mistakes as a learning tool in maths (6 mins)
How you can be good and maths (and other surprising facts about learning) Jo Boaler, Stanford University, explores the myths around maths ability and learning (13 mins)
Problem-solving Math Grade 3 students choose three ways to solve a maths problem (5mins)



Growth Mindset Maths Great website for promoting a growth mindset when teaching maths
youcubed Fantastic maths growth mindset website created by Jo Boaler, Stanford University


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