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Here is a collection of resources submitted by our ThinkPlus teachers.

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The Neuroscience of Learning, Memory and Emotions


Wooden Brain Bookshelf

Our capacity to learn and remember and to feel a range of emotions all arise from signaling in distinct regions of the brain.

Find Out More - www.brainfacts.org/Thinking-Sensing-and-Behaving

What Part of the Brain Deals With Anxiety?

What Part of the Brain Deals With Anxiety? What Can Brains Affected by Anxiety Tell us?

AAE Anxiety Thumb

Until recently, scientists believed that a marble-sized brain area, called the amygdala, served as the hub of fear and anxiety...Today, though, we appreciate that anxiety is the result of much more.

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Try these two smart techniques to help you master your emotions

Emotional Granularity colour

By more clearly identifying our feelings or by recategorizing them, we can reduce suffering (yes!) and increase well-being, says neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett.

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Shared by: Jirrah MacArthur




Two Fingers & 1 Brain

Shared by: Iain Murphy

Two Fingers 1 Brain

Two Fingers & 1 Brain