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Welcome to the ThinkPlus Journey, an online community for ThinkPlus Schools.

The key to the ThinkPlus metacurriculum is that intelligence can be grown through effort. It teaches the science and psychology of how we learn, fostering a growth mindset culture within schools. ThinkPlus builds a community of resilient, lifelong learners, better equipped to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

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The Journey...

The ThinkPlus Journey is a comprehensive online community that aims to increase knowledge, sharing, and implementation of what works in the ThinkPlus domain.

Over time we will build a complete set of concepts, resources and activities that will support you throughout your journey.

The ThinkPlus Journey is a collaborative space for educators dedicated to building a community of resilient, lifelong learners. It is led by ThinkPlus Educator, Celia Franzè. Celia has decades of teaching experience and she has been helping students, teachers and parents to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for success.

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Learning Together

  • Grow Your Mind Journal Now Available

    The resource behind the program creating smarter, more confident learners is now available to the general public ThinkPlus is a program, created by education scientists, based on and proven with the latest scientific findings, designed to grow a child’s mind. 
  • Growth Challenges for Remote Learning

      Weekly Growth Challenges at Home for students...
  • 5 Lessons from Cognitive Science

    You just need five minutes to get to grips with these impactful psychology findings to improve your teaching